about Margaret-Ann Davis

Strategic Business Connector
Critical People Skills Guide

People, passion, ideas, inspiration, innovation, excitement, challenges, solutions.
Have Fun, Be of Service, Be Real
Build your TEAM, surround yourself with the people you know, like & trust that are there to support each other.
Share openly the wins, rewards and challenges; brainstorm, practise, mentor and be mentored.
“Be the example of who you want to attract.”
Building relationships one conversation at a time.

Co - Founder | Partner Connect Ottawa
C0 - Founder | Partner Unified Remote Work

Building Relationships one Conversation at at time.


Be Authentic


Be a Listener


Be of Service

Work process

THE IDEAL Digital ecosystem


Ottawa connects you

Unique Artificial Intelligence Business Networking & eLearning

Online business communities that connect cities and people offering a support system with quick and simple access to high-quality content, courses and events to address business needs.

We offer a variety of services to choose from to cover these needs:

- Speaking at a KeyNote Presentation
- Joining an online digital business community
- Mini Business Courses in The Doers Academy


Unified remote work

Creative technologies integration platform for web and mobile

Tools, technologies, guidance, training and resources
you need to succeed.

Excel at creating effective workflows and making great usage of Artificial Intelligence, Applied Machine Learning and Smart/Robotic Process to take your tasks and activities that need to be done to an achieved business outcome.

Your Win, is our Win!

Bringing your Vision to a Reality.

Work process

current projects

coming 2023 - The side Hustle Program

Let's make your Vision a Reality.  

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve we can then discuss your next step.  This could be starting or restarting a business, a website, CRM, lead generator or creating a new business model to generate additional income streams.   Brainstorming and Thinking Outside the Box is where we excel.   

It's a Win, Win! 

What's your Vision?

We have the tools, technologies and training to support and guide you. 

Online Digital Business Ecosystem

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