about Margaret-Ann Davis

Strategic Business Connector &Lifetime Entrepreneur

People, passion, ideas, inspiration, innovation, excitement, challenges, solutions. Have Fun, Be of Service, Be Real
That's me, and never alone has been key to my growth personally and professionally.
Build your TRIBE, surround yourself with leaders you know, like & trust that support each other. Share openly the wins, rewards and challenges, brainstorm, practise, mentor and be mentored.
“Be the example of who you want to attract.”
Take time to celebrate and enjoy the ride!

Co - Founder | Partner Connect Ottawa
C0 - Founder | Partner13235220 Canada Inc d.b.a.Unified Remote Work

Building Relationships one Conversation at at time.


Be Authentic


Be a listener


Be of Service


Unified Remote Work
From concept to corporate we are focused on helping clients build a successful business on the web and mobile.

Unified Remote Workhas the tools, technologies, guidance, training and resources every business needs to succeed.

We excel at creating effective workflows and making great usage of Artificial Intelligence, Applied Machine Learning and Smart/Robotic Process to take your tasks and activities that need to be done to an achieved business outcome. 

Your Win, is our Win!

Connect Ottawa Community
The place for the business community to Connect.
We offer a place to grow collectively with the best resources to the broadest group of people with relationships built while working with others to achieve more meaningful successes.

Become more involved with a VIP membershipand design your experience that grows with your business.


  • Interactive Networking MAP
  • NFC Digital Networking Card.
  • Create, Teach or Host Online Courses

Tools, Technologies & Duplicatable Concepts for your business... "think outside the box"

This leads to Collaborations & success for all...  your win is our win!  Don't you just love it!!