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Collaborating & Coordinating in a Digital Ecosystem

Margaret-Ann Davis

Strategic Business Connector 

Engagement Specialist
Co-Founder, Partner Unified Remote Work

Margaret-Ann Davis is a Lifetime Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of 40+ years working in sales, customer service, hospitality, events, marketing and the professional networking industry. 

She takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development as she intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization and can bring them together into a coherent whole. 

Strong advocate of building your TEAM/TRIBE by surrounding yourself with diverse people and leaders you know, like & trust that support each other.  Relationships are built by sharing openly the wins, rewards and challenges and brainstorming, practising, mentoring and being mentored in a community with passion, ideas, inspiration, innovation, solutions and support.
Have Fun, Be of Service, Be Real, this is relationships. 
Learn and Do! 

“Be the example of who you want to attract.”

Stephane Jean Metral

Business Development Specialist 

Digital Ecosystem Architect 

Stephane Jean Metral is a Serial Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of 30+ years working in the computer software industry with a strong strategic technical and business development. 

He is an Innovator, mentor, venture partner at various pre-seed accelerators for startups and ready to support and educate entrepreneurs on ways to collaborate and coordinate more effectively with their teams.

He is an AI Specialist and firm believer that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Smart/Robotic Process Automation applied to Business Work-flows can empower entrepreneurs & staff with all the tools they need to balance growth & quality in a remote work environment. 
A true visionary and leader, he prides himself on the fact that everything in Unified is replicable, teachable and doable. It's almost like it's on "repeat mode", almost like an algorithm.
Learn and Do! 

"When you think you are, you are what you think."

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