THE Virtual Office

Focused on helping our clients build a successful business on the web and mobile. 


The Virtual Office is an integration of tools and technologies to create tasks and activities in a platform that is powered by AI, with Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation to help you achieve your end goal.

30+ apps included
Agenda | Booking Calendar | Video Calls & Conversations | Manage client from a single interface | Flow chart #workflows & blueprints | Integration with Social Network channels | Build websites and integrated pages | Campaign your Audiences with A.I. | Build a catalog and sell online | Lead and sales and funnel analysis | Document sharing & Collaboration | Engage markets with multi-channel apps | Customize your office with open API apps.

30 apps+
to run activities & projects annually

Ready to make the move to Thee Virtual Office?
The Future is here!

Your biggest question is going to be...
Where will I start?

"We've got you covered with 10x more for 10x less."

Booking Calendar

Agenda & Booking Calendar

Let your visitors and prospects pick a date for their availability and it will synch your agendas, booking your resources in the meantime.

Unified & google calendars

Comnunication Tools

Video Calls & Conversations

Communicate on Chat Messengers or HD video conference calls at all times with your teams, clients, prospects and providers.

Communication Channels

Client Management

Manage client from a single interface

Overview your client's history, emails,conversations, activities in a blink of an eye. Review Leads, Deals, Analytics, products and more...

Contacts Management > Companies

Mind Mapping Tool

Flow chart workflows & blueprints

Sketching, business process, blueprint your roadmaps to improve visual presentations with dynamic features assigning users, tasks and events.
Workgroup Tool > Mind Map
Social selling intelligence

Integration with Social Network channels

Configure your sales intelligence with your trafiic sources such as Google Ads, facebook, Instgram email marketing and other types of traffic.
Sales Intelligence
Sites Generator

Build websites and integrated pages

Use the site generator to create a multi-page website with open channels of communication: Telephony, Chat, Messenger, CRM Forms.
Sites & Page
Marketing Automation

Campaign your Audiences with A.I.

Manage your marketing campaign with emails, SMS, Messenger conversations, Voice broadcasting, Audio calls, paid Ads. Use retargeting and sales boost for leads & deals
Artificial Intelligence > CRM Marketing
Online Shops

Build a catalog and sell  online

Integrate Stripe and build your products or services catalog.
Use conventional or SMS payments, management procurement and inventory from your warehouse.
Online shops > eCommerce
CRM Analytics

Lead and sales and funnel analysis

Analyze your sales funnels & leads, staff performance and sales trends. Monitor activities and build report. The lead funnel shows the number of leads that went through each status.
Lead analysis > CRM analytics
Document Management

Document sharing & Collaboration

Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use. Write comments, attach new document version, receive feedback in no time.
Collaboration > Document Sharing
Social Selling > Contact center > Apps

Engage markets with multi-channel apps

Use email, telephony, call tracking, CRM & Online store channels, websites widgets, forms, Facebook ads, Live chats, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Apple messages, Instagram Business...
Contact Center > Channels Apps
Open API integrations

Customize your office with open API apps

Integrate your favourite accounting apps to manage and keep your books in good standing for your tax filing and invoicing needs. Choose which integrations you will need next.
430+ open API apps > integrations
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